President’s Message

presidentOur vision is to be acknowledged as an institute which provides quality education with modern teaching techniques but with traditional roots attached to it.

Our belief is that all children should have the opportunity to experience the joy of discovery and develop a love of learning i.e. we do not believe in creating robots that demonstrate rote memory of course content. To do so, learners must learn for meaningfulness. Rote learnt information is largely stored in the short-term memory and quickly forgotten.

Information that is not integrated and related to previous experiences is discarded and replaced with the next piece of information. To us that is a waste of a child’s youth and learning potential. Most importantly it is not an enjoyable and engaging learning experience for children that will motivate them to learn. More they see more they do and more they learn. This is the right time if we can inculcate learning in a playful manner, it will help the child to come out with his unique ability and grow with confidence.

“I personally feel that the children should not be exposed to the pressure of teaching and learning in this tender age, however they shall be provided with the environment of selflearning, in a joyful and playful manner to make them acquire the skills”.

At Delhi Public School Amroha, we hope to create an atmosphere of reverence for education and a healthy environment where works, sports and co-curricular activities will mould our students and spur them to be the brightest and the best. In order to this the parents and the school authorities must work together to inculcate certain values among students.
To be in a step with the time, a school needs to incorporate the latest technologies and methodologies. This will help the students to become not only conscious human beings and responsible citizens but also good professionals.

Delhi Public School Amroha, I am glad to say, has proved that it can keep pace with the constantly changing world without compromising on its rich cultural legacy. I congratulate Principal, Staff and Students for bringing laurels to the school in the past and hope they will continue their sincere efforts jointly in achieving the excellence in every field, particularly in academics and sports also.

Shri. G.P Gupta

National President of Independent Schools
Federation of India (ISFI)