Our Objectives are to Lead through excellence in the realms of academics,culture, sport and social service
1. Nurture the individual through providing a relevant, integrated learning environment
2. Develop confidence, self-belief, and the ability to work as part of a team
3. Encourage self-control, awareness and motivation,thereby encouraging empathy towards others and
an appreciation of the differences among people
4. Create a safe, supportive, and friendly environment in which justice and equity are seen to prevail
5. Promote democratic principles, so that democracy is a lived experience based on respect for others,
and for their opinions, beliefs, values and rights
6. Maintain strong moral, ethical and spiritual values
7. Provide opportunities to exercise initiative and
leadership by fully participating in the life of our school
8. Develop the potential for, and responsibilities of,leadership in areas of social and economic endeavour.
9. Contribute to the future of humanity.